Hi, I’m Kushla, a passionate wedding and lifestyle photographer.

Want to know more?...

This is me. A thirty (something) year old, mother of one, photographer, who lives in the sunny Bay of Plenty.
I love the beach, the ocean, the bush, the hills, pretty much anywhere that Mother Nature blesses with her touch.
I love to travel and explore new destinations. I love animals, hate spiders, prefer summer over winter, quiet over noise. ​ 
I am, and always have been passionate about the arts, from painting to architecture, my inspiration is drawn from many places.

Kushla and co. Bay of Plenty Wedding photographer


Fact 1

I am a closet artist. I painted a lot before I became a mum and built up my photography career. I even held and exhibition.

Now, I am so busy capturing people it is hard to find the time to paint.


Fact 2

I have a Media Arts Degree and worked as a Graphic Designer for 10 years, managing the design department of one of the biggest sign companies in Western Australia.


Fact 3

I have a 10 year old son and handsome husband but have only ever had one family photoshoot taken of us together. I have a bad habit of only ever being the one BEHIND the camera.


Fact 4

I love animals. Always have, always will. If you bring a pet to a meeting or photoshoot, they will 100% get more of my attention than you will. Sorry not sorry.